Wall-Mounted-3-Way-Switch-213x300.pngLights and Accessories

The South Shore Heating & Cooling Connected Home is an efficient home. Smart lights empower you to save energy and bring a whole new level of convenience to your evening relaxation hours. If the lights are left on during the day, you can turn them off with a tap of your finger. Sitting down for a movie at night? Dim the lights by simply sliding your finger across your smartphone screen.

Energy Switches: Set smart schedules to have the lights turn on or off at certain times on specific days. Use energy switches to monitor your appliances' energy usage in real time and turn them off when not in use. Different sized switches are available for small appliances like cable boxes and major appliances like washing machines.

Geo-Services: You can also use Geo-Services to automate your lights to turn on and off when you leave home or return. This way, you won't waste electricity while you're away, but neither will you return home to a pitch-black house.