a0319a8640b2e394a3a59d3f63b2835f_f97.pngLennox Whole-Home Humidifier

Healthy Climate® whole-home humidifiers work with your heating and cooling system to add moisture as needed to your home's air, making it healthier and more comfortable. Healthy Climate® power humidifiers offer high-output performance, making them an ideal solution for even the largest homes. If you have a smaller home, a bypass humidifier may be the solution you need.


Aprilaire Whole-House Humidifiers were introduced in 1954 as the first evaporative, flow-through design humidifiers. Aprilaire Humidifiers continue to lead the way in whole-house humidification systems, with a unique Automatic Digital Humidifier that monitors outdoor temperature and indoor humidity levels while providing convenient troubleshooting and maintenance reminders.


Honeywell also offers a variety of humidifiers, including the TrueSteam™ Humidification System, which uses less water and works independently from the heating and cooling systems. The HE365 Fan-Powered Humidifier is perfect for homes up to 3,000 square feet, delivering up to 18 gallons of moisture per day.

Aprilaire® 400

aprilaire.pngThis bypass humidifier works with your heating system’s furnace to return moisture to the air. Maximize your humidity control with minimal water usage! Aprilaire’s Model 400 humidifier is a drainless humidifier, which uses evaporative technology to minimize water use. This makes it ideal for homes with septic systems, locations where a floor drain is not available or for homeowners interested in water conservation.

  • Delivers optimum levels of humidity control with the Automatic Digital Humidifier Control
  • Provides vital service, temperature and relative humidity indicators
  • Humidifies tightly constructed homes up to 4,000 square feet in size with an evaporation capacity of 0.70 gallons per hour

Aprilaire® 800

aprilaire-800.pngThe Aprilaire Model 800 Canister Steam Humidifier delivers humidity in the form of steam to your living space through your heating system’s furnace. And, for those homes without forced air heating, the Aprilaire Model 850 Fan Pack can adapt the Aprilaire 800 to your home as well.

  • Provides humidity to the largest of homes, covering up to 6,200 square feet.
  • Features automatic controls for hands-free comfort
  • Has a capacity of 11.5, 16, 20.5, 23.3 and 34.6 gallons per day, depending on electrical draw


Aprilaire® 1850

aprilaire-model-1850.pngThe Aprilaire 1850 dehumidifier is a high-capacity solution that helps you achieve total comfort through humidity control. It is integrated into your home’s heating and cooling system. As it pulls air from every room through the return ducts, it removes the moisture and sends the air back throughout your home.

  • Removes 95 pints (11 7/8 gallons) of moisture per day
  • Provides dehumification for homes up to 5,200 square feet
  • Uses automatic humidity sensing for efficient and effective removal of excess moisture in your home