A Ductless Heat Pump Is Often the Perfect Solution


July 11, 2022

Ductless heat pumps have emerged as an ideal solution for heating and cooling in many eastern Massachusetts homes. If you have a room that is hard to heat for any reason (oversized windows, not attached to central heating, etc.) a ductless heat pump might be exactly what you need to make the room as comfortable and habitable as all your other rooms.

When it's cold outside, a heat pump works like an air conditioner in reverse. It extracts heat from the outdoor air and moves it indoors. You might think there is no heat in the outdoor air in winter, but a cold climate heat pump like the Mitsubishi H2i® can produce heat when the outdoor temperature is as low as -13°F. The heat pump also serves as an air conditioner in warm weather.

Ductless heating enables you to add heat without installing a large indoor appliance or adding ductwork. The heat moves from an outdoor compressor to the room through narrow, flexible tubing that can be installed easily by a trained contractor.

We are a Mitsubishi Preferred Diamond Contractor, which is great for our customers because we can provide a 12-year equipment warranty, more than double what most contractors offer.

If you have a room that needs more heat, please give us a call at 508-398-6901 or contact us. We'll help you figure out if a Mitsubishi H2i heat pump is right for you.