Fall Generator Maintenance Tips


October 9, 2020

You’ve thought ahead and had South Shore Heating & Cooling install a new standby generator in preparation for the winter – but don’t put it out of your mind just yet! The fall is actually the perfect time to maintain your standby generator and ensure that it’ll be working as needed when the time comes. Keep in mind, however, if you’re not the do it yourself type you can always call us for help!

Here are some generator maintenance tips to keep in mind during the fall:

Inspect it for damage carefully, looking out for dented or rusty equipment, frayed wires, and other signs of damage. While minor damage can be repaired, it may be necessary to replace the generator if it’s damaged beyond repair.

Clean the equipment by removing twigs, leaves, dirt, and debris from the area surrounding your generator. Pay particular attention to the air filter; if it has been saturated by dirt and dust, replace it immediately. This will reduce the risk of overheating when your generator is supplying power. It also prevents debris from getting inside and causing mechanical damage.

Lubricate your generator! You should always make sure your generator is properly oiled, and buy enough lubricants to get you through the winter. Not only will it prevent overheating, but it also allows the generator to work more efficiently, using as little fuel as possible to keep your lights on.

Some form of insulation can protect your generator and other electrical equipment from the damage cold weather can cause. Insulation can also protect the generator from debris and dust, extending its operating life.

Taking proactive steps to making sure your generator is working at its fullest potential will help protect you, your home, and your family during a power outage during even the most severe winter weather. If you have any questions about generator installation, don’t hesitate to call or contact us online!