Preventative Maintenance Is Key to Your Home Cooling Comfort


April 13, 2021

There’s nothing like a cool home on a hot and humid summer day – it’s what every Massachusetts homeowner expects from their air conditioning systems! However, if you’ve fallen behind on your AC equipment’s preventative maintenance, you might be disappointed when your AC doesn’t turn on or doesn’t perform as well as it used to.

That’s why it is important to schedule your air conditioning system’s preventative maintenance! With a regular checkup from our technicians, your equipment…

  • Will be ready to run properly in summer

  • Will maintain its energy efficiency

  • Will be less at risk of breakdowns

  • Will adequately balance the humidity levels within the home

It’s also a great idea to protect your air conditioning system with our Air Conditioning Service Plan, which includes annual preventative maintenance as well as…

  • 20% discount toward parts and labor so you can save even more on maintenance costs

  • Priority service that makes you feel like a VIP

  • No diagnostic or travel charges for service during normal working hours. Did we mention you save more on maintenance costs?

Before you know it the summer will be here and you’ll be turning to your AC system. Make sure it’s ready to go! Call or contact us online to schedule your preventative maintenance now or enroll in our Air Conditioning Service Plan.